Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

you can get it from Click Here to download.

Click on “download file” button.

Dynamics AX 2009 installation & Configuration

Dynamics AX 2009 installation & configuration PackT publishing.

This file has been uploaded from

Dynamics AX 2009 Workflow Configuration issue Resoution

Configuration after restoring AX2009 Database on Development Environment.

Good knowledge base on what settings to be changed once you restore your production database on Development database server for Dynamics AX 2009.

Create Crash memory dump for AX2009

Possibilities to create Memory Dumps from crashing processes




Installation of Role Center and EP

Good knowledge sharing.


EP Development Preparation in AX2009

When you start EP development, you need to take care of few basic things related to configuration of VS2008 and many other stuff. Below is the link to help you a lot.



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